Rapid Garden POS

San Diego, CA 92123
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Categories: Business Software, Business Solutions, Inventory Management, Mobile Solutions, Point of Sale, Retail Systems

Rapid Garden POS provides a turn-key point-of-sale solution that is specifically designed for Garden Centers and Nurseries.  Rapid has been supporting retailers since 1987 and our system is used in some of the top independent garden centers in the U.S.  Our solution is packed with features that address the unique needs of the green retail industry.  You get advanced inventory management, durable hardware, simple easy to use touchscreen terminals, mobile solutions, customer relationship management (CRM), integration with plant care/culture databases, and printing solutions for creating barcode labels, tree tags, and plant spikes on weather tolerant materials. The Rapid Garden POS system has amazing capabilities out of the box, but no POS system is “one size fits all.”  We have a team of programmers on staff to help adapt the solution to your specific needs.  Whether you have one store or twenty stores, our system will add value to your operations by lowering costs, increasing sales and building customer loyalty.  Work with a POS company that understands your garden center business. For an overview of our unique garden center features, visit our website at www.rapidgardenpos.com.