Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association

Portage, WI 53901

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High quality Christmas trees are grown in Wisconsin. Fraser fir, Balsam fir, spruce, pines and more are available. Wreaths and garland are also made for the wholesale market. Go to our website to find a list of growers who can supply you with Christmas trees, tree seedlings, wreaths, garland, and the tools, chemicals, and equipment you need to run your business.


You will also find advice on how to set up a retail lot along with instructions on how to care for those fresh-cut trees. We want you to be successful so your customers are satisfied and come back each year to buy a real tree from you.

It’s all here: www.RealTree4me.com.


The Christmas tree industry in Wisconsin existed well before the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association came into existence. For many years prior to the establishment of the association, Christmas trees came from natural stands of Balsam fir, spruce and pine. With the establishment of large plantations of pine after World War II, a number of people became interested in forming an association for their mutual interests.  At a meeting at Bayfield, Wisconsin, on August 6, 1954, the Association was organized. Membership dues were established at $5.00 per year and  73 growers became charter members. The association, over the years, grew to over 400 members.


The initial objectives of the association were research on cultural management of trees, enforcement of licenses and trespass laws, and preparation of newsletters and tree tags. Today, we strive to be a medium for our members and the industry for the exchange of information and ideas to assist in the production of quality Christmas trees.


The mission of the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association is to promote real Christmas trees, wreaths and greenery through marketing, and education of our members and customers by quality production of real farm fresh and fragrant products while protecting the environment.